Ted Bundy

Ted Bundy has always fascinated me. He is a terrible legend in Utah. He went from a terrible, odd boyfriend in Washington to an attractive law student at the U. From all the pieces and articles available, I have gathered that he became Mormon and thrived in the area. In fact, he had so many supporters that a whole stake sent letters in support of his case in Utah. There's a few notable places he was spotted like the Fashion Place mall in Murray, Jack and Jill bowling alley in AF (Now the Recreation Store on State), and his apartment in the Avenues.

The more I have read the more I realize that he just preyed on those he could sway with his charm. I had a friend who's mom was asked out by Ted but ended up getting food poisoning. What a lucky break! Imagine being grateful for that so many years later.

His apartment in the avenues has a cafe across the street, if you want to stop by without being overly annoying to the tenants.