Gabby Petito

I have been invested in her since her disappearance. She was in Moab just a few days before her parents last heard from her. Her fiance seemed to be the most shady man in the world and everything just didn't add up. I saw a smiling girl who wanted to make a business off of living her dreams with her future husband, who was lying to the world. She was pretty, bubbly, but she was being broken down. Once the police video of Brian and Gabby being pulled over surfaced, it was pretty obvious who was breaking this girl.

He was so calm about his crazy girl. He played it off like it wasn't a big deal and he was suffering through her behavior. As a survivor of domestic violence and emotional abuse, I can relate. You don't want the man you love to get in trouble over something as small as his outburst that only lasted a few seconds. You think he's a great guy 99% of the time, why let him suffer (because the cops wouldn't understand and are out to get him) for a mistake? I've been there and done that.

So you blame yourself and you are pretty good at it because it's something you do all the time in the relationship. If you only, you were better, then he wouldn't have to react. It's so hard to spot unless you've been trained or a previous victim. I can honestly say that it's even harder when the victim is trying their absolute best to hide it. So her sweet, sad story about her mental health being too much just hurts to watch.

I am not going to outline the timeline since she was such a publicized story but once it became viral and the world was looking for Gabby, we all were affronted by the fact he just drove hours to his parents and they lawyered up. When the videos and pinging of her last known videos helped find her body in Wyoming, well... we all felt like we lost her.

We all wanted justice.

Brian became this crazy ghost of a person. He didn't have social media and even the news only showed the outside of his house. What in the world was going to get him in a courtroom? Then when he got lost in the woods, I went from a few theories of leaving the country to he must have killed himself. Crimes of passion was my final theory. He did love her and he was abusing her with physical harm sometimes but usually emotional abuse. I think he did something that made her finally hold him accountable and he lost his cool. His letter states this but the actual moments will never be known to us.