Elizabeth Salgado

This is a little left field compared to the other posts but I think it’s so important. This woman was taken in 2015 and was my age when she died.

I live in Utah and have passed by the same exact road where she was taken on many days. I found very weird connections to this woman along my amateur investigation. In fact, I felt compelled to dive in and try to find out more.

Soooo... let’s dig in.

1. Her first roommates didn’t know she was LDS.

This may have been because they were going to an English ward but my theory is that she was hiding something. I also believe it’s connected to her uncle.

I know, everyone is either a firm yes or a firm no when it comes to the uncle but hear me out.

2. The roommates didn’t know her uncle was related to her because he spent hours in her bedroom with her.

This is scandalous but my friend’s hair stylist’s sister was her roommate. (I realize that’s not an amazing source but hold on.) This leads me to even more novela quality chisme. She moved 10 days after getting to the apartment to live with the Korean roommates. She also spent a lot of time bad mouthing the first set of roommates to her mom. I find that interesting...

Her friend said that she was popular with the guys but she always stayed away. Even complained about it to her family in Mexico. If you’ve done any research on her, you know she was only in Utah for 18 days. What odd about that is that the private investigator says the killer must have cared for her deeply because he took care to lay her carefully.

So this keeps me on the same trend and since I’ve been following this story I originally snooped on her Facebook for clues.

3. She was oddly loving to her uncles.

She would praise her uncle saying how handsome and wonderful he was. They were affectionate back in the same odd way. Saying things like “my uncle is so good-looking and talented” and having your uncle say “my queen” is just weird to me. The vibe is just too close to seeing each other as a man and woman. That’s only a latina-paranoia thing though.

4. Latinas do not get into a stranger’s car

We just do not. We’ve been trained since birth that we will be raped if we let our guard down. This leads me to believe it was a person she trusted.

Let me bring it home. I believe her uncle got her pregnant or in a scare of being caught did something out of passion. This led to a very elaborate run through Walmart to make sure people saw him searching for her. It also made him reach out to his brother, a trained actor. They failed a polygraph test, whatever the reason, it looks bad. I think she was killed because she loved the wrong man and he took advantage of his niece.

You can disagree but she was here and alone for such a small period of time that I don’t see another logical suspect. There was also a lot hidden from her mom and siblings. You can leave your thoughts below.