My liquid journey

A brief catch up is in order, I made it through my 10 day diet that limited my calories to 1200-1600 a day. It was hard but completely prepared me for the liquid days. I spent 4 days on a liquid diet. After 4 days of broth, protein, jello, and a few popsicles. I am now officially fasting.

My liquid diet was actually pretty mellow compared to what I read online. I just stayed slightly hungry the whole time and I got used to avoiding the hunger pain of an extremely empty stomach. My advice is chew gum. It helps sooo much. I think I slept a lot more too, just to avoid a desire for breakfast or dinner. Protein was my best friend.

Which leads me to today, in Mexico. I flew to San Diego yesterday afternoon. It wasn’t bad, I even had a nice broth in the airport. I am now sitting in Tijuana at a beautiful hotel. I am due at the hospital shuttle in an hour so I thought I would keep you guys updated. I am about to do this!!

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