Mexico + Surgery Day

I've never had surgery before. In fact, the thought of needing surgery makes me nervous, but I am more afraid of getting a long-term chronic illness like diabetes. My first route was through my insurance. They denied my surgery because my plan didn't cover it. I then looked at options within the U.S. and phewwww.... they were sooo pricey. I had also heard of people going to Mexico for medical procedures. I found a few friends of friends that had done the gastric sleeve and had wonderful results. So I decided, I'd do it.

Now that you have some background you'll understand that the liquid diet and travel were the least of my worries. This was my first time in Mexico but so far it has been wonderful. The hotel is clean and beautiful. I got up early to make sure my brother (companion for the trip) and I were all set before 8 am. We got in a shuttle and zoomed away. We arrived at a very sealed-off building with a huge fence. Inside the facility was very clean and nice.

They had a few checks for me before I could get into a room. I had an x-ray, EKG, and psychological evaluation. They gave my brother and me a room, where I had to shower and put on a gown. I wore compression tights and said a quick prayer. The surgeon came in after they started an IV and I walked into the operating room. There were a handful of people and then the painful meds came through my IV. That's the last thing I remember, the doctor telling me it would all be done soon.

I woke up and felt pain in my shoulder. Which was weird to me. I felt no other discomfort. We have to work some air out of our system after the surgery. So I had to walk quite a bit. Aside from the dry mouth, it was surprisingly like if I had gone to the gym and worked out my abs. There was a lot of antibiotics, nausea, and pain medicine keeping me solid but I was able to go to the bathroom and walk with little assistance. I can't wait to see what happens next!

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