Longest Days of My Life (So Far) - Quick Update

I am, apparently, addicted to sugar.

I am extremely dramatic. I admit it, own it, even embrace it. In this case, I will even say that I was unprepared for the reality of my pre-op diet. I’ve had caffeine headaches and my will to live has been tested a few times. I am, apparently, addicted to sugar. I have cooked meals for all of three days and I even cheated a little and got a rotisserie chicken last night. I have all the veggies and I’m downing the protein drinks but I miss coffee. If you are about to do this, no worries, I actually suffered for no reason. You can have one cup of coffee every day, you just can’t have creamer. My poor little brain, misread this and I had to clarify it with the nurse.

It’s now the fourth day of my ten-day diet and I’m feeling a million times better. I didn’t have a headache or feel like a vice grip was trying to crush my skull anymore. I have been reasonably happy with my food options and I’m down a few pounds. It’s been a short but rocky road and I’m very ready to fast forward to the next stage of my life.

Stay tuned for more updates and tips on getting a gastric sleeve procedure.

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