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Hitting 30 was a milestone and I was very ready for it. What I wasn’t ready for was getting a notice from my healthcare that they felt that I was pre-diabetic without complications. After seeing that I started having thoughts about my future and my aunt that passed away after complications with Diabetes.

I don’t feel unhealthy but I also know I’m not at my best. So I decided to do some research… it lead me down a rabbit hole of options. After doing a consultation for a gastric balloon, I backed away from temporary options. While they looked pretty good on the surface, I wanted something that would shift my life towards a healthy path for the rest of my life. The 6-month option was just too expensive in the end, at least the option I saw was 10K.

After taking another month I found that a gastric sleeve would be the most beneficial to my health problems. I attempted to go through my insurance but they excluded this surgery from my plan. I was pretty disappointed until my friend recommended looking at Mexico clinics.

As a person who has NEVER had surgery, this sounded pretty wild, but it was a fourth of the cost when you pay out of pocket. So now I'm scheduled to get a gastric sleeve procedure on September 6th. I'm a little nervous and trying not to over prepare but I'm going to share what I learn and the changes I see before, during, and after the procedure.

Stay tuned.

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