Camping in Utah - What to know

If you are an avid camper, please just back right out of this. It will be laughable to you. I am talking to the people who want to camp and don't know what to expect in Utah. I've lived here for a long time and am JUST getting into finding new places and learning how to hike and fish.

Here are a few places I've been to and what I learned that would be helpful for someone that is new to getting out to nature. I'm going to start with the more modern spaces with bathrooms and grills and then move to the more "primitive" options.

Deer Creek Reservoir

I've been going to this lake for a while and it's always nice to have a large place to play volleyball and grill. They have covered tables and a few locations to set up. Most people will do a day trips but they do allow camping. I would suggest going early because this place does get busy. The main entrance has a restaurant and a bar.

Jordanelle Reservoir

Another great lake and camping site for any water sports. I've always gone with boats so I am not sure about the fishing options.

Rockport Reservoir

Amazing little lake. A lot of park and water. The wildlife is more active and you'll have a great time even for the day.

The sunrise is amazing but you want to reserve a spot if you can. We caught a fish here and it was amazing. The best time we found was in the morning.

Smith and Morehouse Reservoir

The most natural wood areas with spaces and restrooms. I love the lake and there were a lot of animal tracks and wood.

The water is cold in June but it was amazing to walk through. The water runs fast so the lake is better than the river for regular fishing.

We also love Strawberry Reservoir but I need a whole blog just for that one. I recommend looking up a few gas stations before you get to the lakes.

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