35 pounds later…

I wanted to catch up and share what is going on in my head. It’s exciting to watch the scale go down, but it hasn’t been all sunshine. I’ve tasted food that made me immediately throw up. I have struggled with feeling good even if I can usually see that I am looking better and healthier than I have. I have cried on nights where I just want to be satisfied with changes and I am struggling mentally with self-image. It’s hard to be consistently stable during life changes.

I am wanting to share the harder side of the journey because I’ve had multiple women reach out because they want to make the leap and start losing weight. This surgery may have helped me lose weight physically but losing weight mentally is a whole different challenge.

I am lucky to have a great support system that comforts me as I struggle and keeps me grounded. My family and friends have been so positive and helpful throughout my healing and changing. I hope that you find yourself in a similar place if you decide to have weight loss surgery.

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