Recipes: Biscuit Bombs

This recipe is from my tiktok recipe discoveries. (@Chipsinasandwich)

I happen to have all the ingredients.

I started off using a cast iron skillet and cooked bacon that I cut up into bits. Preheat your oven at this point.

I suggest you roll out the dough super flat and then set up a few stations. I added an egg yolk, cheese, and bacon bits to each roll and pinched it together to seal it. I would put the cheese at the bottom so it keeps the egg a little more together. I don't know if that really makes a difference but it helped me. 

Once it's sealed, you will use the egg whites and mix it with water to create an egg wash for the top of the rolls. 


Eggs (yolks or all)



Pilsbury Dough for Biscuits

White Gravy Mix

Cooking Times:

400 degrees for 20 minutes