Introducing Maxwell

Maxwell The Dog

Maxwell came to my family as I was moving into a new home. He was the fluffiest guy and full of spunk. He loved to hide under things and nap his life away. 

As he grew, he didn't change. So I had to raise my couches to allow him his space. I will tell you the story of that adventure in another blog. Right now let's talk Max. He's into pretending he's a small dog and jumps about 4-5 feet in the air with no regard for his safety. 

The Wheaten Greeting

If you don't know, Maxwell is a Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier. He's a from a prestigious family and thinking about becoming a stud. He's always willing to give kisses and wags his tail for pretty much anyone willing to spend time with him. He LOVES other dogs but doesn't like aggression.  I'm excited to share his journey with you guys.