Getting surgery is filled with so many additional facets. I had never had surgery but I knew I was ready to make a significant change to my life. As I got to the one year anniversary of having my gastric sleeve. I wanted to reflect on some of the big things I was faced with. First, I didn't realize the amount of change my body would go through would impact my mental state so much. I expected a lot of joy and confidence as I lost weight but along with that was a lot of body dysmorphia and challenges with building muscle. Add to my struggles a disappointing boyfriend and depression, well, I had a few rough patches. Now that I've gotten passed the hard parts, I am grateful that I made it to my goal weight, that I have a great support system, and that I kept going.

It's a totally different life. I eat a lot in small portions, I eat a ton of protein but I have discovered a lot of new health challenges. A few months ago I found out that healing from a gastric sleeve can make for the perfect breeding ground of kidney stones. Even with these crazy events, I wouldn't trade it for the world. I have educated myself so much more on my body and things that can impact it as well as learned to love myself for who I am not just what I look like. 

I am open to sharing anything you want to know about how surgery affects you and what I've learned. Please share your comments and questions.