GOAT house yard problems

Have you ever just been sure that you were going to die? Cause on a random Tuesday in Lindon, Utah I was really sure I was going to die. The temperature hit 104 degrees and I was out in my yard trying to fix sprinklers. Now if you've ever messed with sprinklers you know, they aren't complicated but they are the devil. All it takes is one bad pipe or tilted sprinkler head and you have to walk the perimeter. 

After what digging and gluing a pipe back together, I had sweated all the water in my body out. What did I learn? Always have a few water bottles ready when doing yard work. I also recommend having a few extra parts of each of the sprinklers until you get the hang of it. The parts are not expensive and you can return anything you don't use. 

I recently found out that I need a new cylinoid and I still in the process of figuring that out.  Stay tuned!

Update: I have been gifted a pink Yeti because people are invested in my survival.