Installing Paper Blinds

Paper Blinds?

 I have lived in my house for over a year with just curtains. I loved the natural light but I was ready for a little more privacy. I have a black and white theme in my house so ideally I wanted black blinds. 

I recently went onto my facebook marketplace and found someone was giving away paper blinds. I thought, why not? It seemed like a project I could do on my own. I only have 7 or so windows that I would need done and I had a few hours to kill. 

After deciding on a rotary blade to cut these, (believe me scissors do NOT work) I finally started to hang them. I measured the inside of the space and cut to size. It was fairly simple because it comes with tape. I would recommend getting staples to hammer into the space so you don't lose the blinds when the glue stops working. 

It comes with clips to hold the blinds up so you can enjoy the light during the day or when it suits you. I am including a few tips to make sure you get the most out of your blinds.



Staples (Thick ones from Home Depot, they are like a $1.78 for a pack)

Rotary Blade (I saw them at the dollar store and the cutting mat too!)

Cutting Mat