DIY: Fixing a Single Pane Window

During a rather rowdy game of fetch a ball went through my only single pane window. I avoided it for almost a year. I finally decided it needed to be corrected. After over an hour on Youtube, I decided I would go to the home depot, have the glass cut and just do it. I was sure a bit of silicone and paint would get me to a reasonable solution. 

As you can see, I wanted to be really sure about my measurements. Once I saw that I had an 8x10" glass, I decided to try something crazy. I had gone to the dollar store for a frame for photos I didn't end up using. I ran to grab the glass from the frame to see if life could have decided to make it this easy to replace. 

Unbelievably, my glass fit right in the space and all I had to do was use a bit of epoxy glue to hold it in place while I used a silicone to seal it in. I then used some baseboard caulking (as a second seal) and to make it easier to paint. I couldn't be happier with the end result !