DIY: Firepit Update

I've been in the middle of a healing journey for a little over a month and it included fixing the things that have been broken over time. I wanted to start with things that I could do during my lunch break. One thing that has been slowly getting sad to look at was my fire pit.

I love to have a nice crackling fire during a quiet summer night so I really wanted to keep the area nice. The rust on the pit was to be expected when I rarely cover it. So I had to act quickly to stop the damage.

I recently took a trip to the Home Depot and found a "High Heat" spray paint in a very similar black option for my fire pit. I made the decision that I would make my best attempt to refinish it.

Today I finally did it.

I'll be honest, I didn't prep it. I probably should have sanded and cleaned it out first but the main concerns were on the sides so I just went for it.

Freshly Painted and reloaded with wood

A few tips if you decide to do this too.

  • Wear gloves, my nails are a little dirty but steel wool does take the paint right off your fingers.

  • Buy 2 cans of paint

  • Let it dry before you do a second coat. (I ended up being happy with one)