DIY: Adding a Baseboard Without a Nail Gun

I was lucky enough to get my carpet redone by dad a few months ago. The only thing he didn't do was put my baseboards back on. I have been patiently waiting for him to bring his nail gun but I ran out of patience. I decided there has to be a way to get this back on. So I grabbed my handy wood glue and used it to secure my baseboard back on. I used an "s" pattern and stayed away from the edges by about a half inch. This kept me from having to clean up spillage.

After it was set for about a minute, I used wood clamps on the edges and gave it about 3 hours to dry. After that, I grabbed a baseboard caulking tube at home depot from Behr and started sealing the edges. It ended up more beautiful than I expected. Here are my results.

My house is white so I got to skip over the paint but I suggest grabbing a sample size of your wall color to do some touch up and keeping a sponge near to clean up any excess caulking as you go. I used some